Electricity from wind power at the Cape of Good Hope


The consistency of winds in the area around the Cape of Good Hope are particularly strong and provide an ideal opportunity to produce clean electricity. In 2008 the “Darling Wind Farm” in the Western Cape, which is located approximately 70 km north of Cape Town, became the first operational commercial wind farm. Project owner is the local company Oelsner Group, which pioneers since long time in the matter of wind power in South Africa. The project partner and operator of the installations is the Oelsner Group. For several years they have been doing pioneer work in the wind power sector.

Sixteen wind turbines will be built on this site. Construction start will be mid-2011. 

Based on the experiences and the great successes of the Darling Wind Farm, atmosfair and Oelsner Group are now preparing for the implementation of a second wind farm in Kerrifontein/Western Cape. The start of construction is scheduled for the middle of 2011. atmosfair is supporting the Kerrifontein Windfarm by financing the Environmental Impact Assessment and by developing it as a CDM Gold Standard project. Sixteen wind turbines, each with 1.3 – 2.5 MW capacity, will produce 52,8 GWh of clean energy per year until 2030.


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