Land required for Solar/Wind Farms

With the South African feed-in-tariff (FIT) coming into place soon this can be an excellent way for a farmer/land owner to maximise the income they generate and also to diversify their income.
Typically the option will be a rental agreement lasting for 20/25 years where a fixed fee is paid or a percentage of the FIT is offered.
You subsequently can sell sell your land. You need to make the new owner aware of the agreement and ensure they are willing to take over your role in the agreement.
Even large warehouses and parking garages can earn an income from alternative energy projects. Read More

We are receiving tremendous interest on this subject from both landowners and prospective developers/investors.

Alternative energy can bring many benefits to the landholder and the community. We understand the concerns that landholders have in regard to how a solar/wind farm will affect your farming operations and property. This is why we strive to minimize the impact on landholder operations and to protect landholder rights through providing the landholder with significant input into how the project is developed.

The aim is to assist in projects in a way that results in outcomes that provide significant benefits to landholders and their community. We seek to reach agreements with landholders and local authorities that protect flora and fauna and respect other land uses.


Experience gained in Europe and the UK have shown that there are certain pitfalls associated.
Some companies are signing up land owners without any intention of building the sites, instead they are looking to get the option agreement signed and sell it on to a company with the infrastructure in place at a profit. This means if they don’t manage to sell the option the site will not be built and the land owner will miss out on this once in a lifetime opportunity to benefit from the feed in tariff.

SAAEA, on behalf of reputable investors and operators, is currently seeking to communicate with owners of appropriately zoned land near transmission lines who are interested in putting together a joint venture to facilitate the creation of alternative energy farms.

Subject to non disclosure agreements, this info will be available to prospective developers to analyze and indicate interest.

Should your land have potential for an energy farm, an agreement will be presented to you for your consideration. The agreement will allow the investor to conduct detailed testing on the site.


From here we can expect proposals for leasing or joint ventures, in most cases they will provide finance and expertise for development.

We arrange services on your behalf…..

  • Wind and Sun Measurement
  • Cultural Heritage Studies
  • EIA, Flora and Fauna Studies
  • Planning Approvals
  • Financing
  • Electrical Studies

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