Unique Solar Hybrid System Hits The Market


eco Hybrid Solar is proud to announce that their brand new Hybrid Solar Water Heating System is now available to the market. Three years in the works, the proprietary hybrid system is unique in that it combines the use of two technologies in tandem for water heating at great cost savings to users.

“Solar hot water heating systems have been around for 50 years,” says company owner Gordon Whelan.

“The difference with ours’ is that it’s the only system to maximize the efficiency of existing technologies by integrating solar thermal and recycled waste heat from refrigeration and air conditioning equipment into a one loop/circuit. This otherwise wasted energy is captured and used to heat water in a pre- heat storage tank.”

In today’s tough economy Whelan sees his product playing a critical role in energy and fiscal saving solutions for energy conscious businesses and the HVAC contractors who service them. Because the hybrid system makes use of the waste heat found on location, its’ practical energy savings are immediately higher than a traditional solar water system.

“Our hybrid system increases the “SEER” (seasonal energy efficiency ratio) on air conditioning and refrigeration equipment by as much as 3 SEERs,” says Whelan.

“Technically, the refrigeration equipment is being “water cooled” which in turn means less repair bills due to overheated refrigeration equipment. Additional, benefit of the refrigeration equipment being primarily, “water cooled”, the air conditioning or refrigeration air cooling fan motor’s operation is considerably reduced, thereby saving electricity usage.

Whelan estimates a business can eliminate as much as 70-80% of their fossil fuel usage to heat water on an annual basis using his hybrid system. Companies across the board, including large institutions, supermarkets, hotels, hospitals, restaurants, car washes and others, can expect a 2-3 year return on their investment.

“A typical solar thermal system on its own will take you 7-10 years to get a payback,” he says.

Combining high efficiency heating and cooling systems with a solar system like the Hybrid Solar Water Heating System is a prime opportunity for HVAC contractors. Many customers are looking to take advantage of solar tax credits (installations of solar energy systems before December 2016 are eligible for a no-limit, 30 percent tax credit from the federal government, as well as other rebates that are available from State and local utilities.)

There is also a $1,500 tax credit for high-efficiency heating and cooling systems in place. Contractors who provide both services not only have an opportunity to increase their profits, they can also ensure their customers obtain the best possible levels of comfort and energy savings.

“At eco Hybrid Solar we believe that the day is coming soon when it becomes mandatory to utilize free waste energy wherever it is available and whatever format it comes in; Class 1, 2 or 3 renewable energy,” says Whelan. “An Eco Hybrid Solar Water Heating System is one energy saving way to reduce your ever increasing utility costs.”

The eco Hybrid Solar system is distributed by Diversified Heat Transfer, Inc. (DHT), An engineering and manufacturing company, highly specialized in the design of heat transfer equipment and water heating systems, operating worldwide since 1938. A market leader through quality design and by innovating and developing technology.

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