Solar Bus Shelters


GoGreenSolar is bringing solar to the the rooftops of bus shelters and using that power to tie into the grid.  The shelter doubles as both a place of shade for transit customers, as well as a mini power generation plant. 
I spoke with Deep Patel, the CEO of GoGreenSolar, about deploying solar in this novel locaton.
A recent installation in Corona, Califonia marked the first grid-connected solar system for bus shelters.  According to Patel, the CEO, solar-powered bus stops are becoming common but are usually off-grid units which store the energy required to light the shelter in batteries.  This new system is connected to the grid and since it’s more than one kilowatt of total power  — it’s eligible for the California Solar Initiative rebate as well as the federal tax grant program.
Interestingly, a lot of leading technology is being brought to bear on this seemingly mundane application including high efficiency panels fromSanyo, microinverters from Enphase and LED lighting fixtures – six panels and six inverters per shelter for a total of about 1.2 kilowattts of power.  According to Patel, “The only practical way to go in this application is with microinverters,” because of the size isues of a central inverter and the safety issues offered by lower voltage microinverters

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