Rozelle Village, South Africa, in Green Pilot Program

The Green Building Council of South Africa has selected Rozelle Village to be one of only two projects country-wide for their Green Star SA Multi Unit Residential Design Pilot Program!
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The character of this development is “Rural but Urban”. It was essential to respect the rural atmosphere, with low density and low rise and an architectural character which is sympathetic to its rural-but-urban atmosphere.

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Wellington is known for being milder during the typical cold wet Cape winter, with sunny outdoor weather for most of the year and for extreme hot weather in mid-summer. The architectural design of the proposed development is a response to this. The quest was to create a house design which is ideal for Wellington, complying with its climatic conditions and which at the same time fits into its historical architectural heritage.

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The roof, in this design, is an important element, being the main response to the weather conditions, determining the internal climate of the building and which speaks the architectural language of Wellington’s historical colonial past. You will be so proud to own a house here! Deep, low roof overhangs give deep shadows on the walls and windows. The extent and height of the overhangs are such that it protects the windows on the north façade of the houses from mid-summer sun, while it allows mid-winter sun to penetrate the rooms. It also protects the walls and windows from winter rain, which comes from the north-west. The roof overhang on the south of the house, however, is less and also higher, allowing light into the rooms. The external living areas (patios) are on both sides of the house, because the south side is the cooler side in summer and the north side is ideal for winter living. This orientation also has the best views towards the Hawekwa Mountains. This is the ideal place for you!

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What makes Rozelle Green Village so unique is the fact that the following “green” installations will be standard for all houses as well as the common areas and will be all included in the selling prices.
Solar Power
Solar water heating.
Rain water harvesting
Waste water into Grey water

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