Low Carbon Future – IRP2010 Conference

    Low Carbon Future – IRP2010 Conference
    23 & 24 February 2011
    Gallagher Convention Centre, Johannesburg

    Energy in this country is in crisis and every person, whether as an individual, a household, a farmer, a trade unionist or a
    business person, is bound to experience the negative effects of what is already a major crisis. That is why this conference is so
    important to everybody.
    For generations coal has been this country’s main source of energy. The government recently announced its goal of achieving
    a new energy mix, in which different forms of renewable energy would be promoted, so reducing the country’s reliance on
    coal, with its severe consequences for global warming.
    This conference will explain the government’s plan and look at how it can be achieved with everybody cooperating. Until now
    the champions of the various sources of energy have trumpeted in a single minded way the benefits of their particular source,
    whether it is wind, nuclear, solar or whatever, often unfairly at the cost of coal. That’s why this conference will be different.
    We are offering a neutral platform. Scraps there will be, because lots of vested interests are involved. But the only way to
    overcome this crisis which we are already in, is to discuss practical cooperative solutions to ensure a secure and sustainable
    energy future for South Africa.
    So fill out the registration form and return it to us as soon as possible.

    Confirmed Speakers Include:
    • Minister Dipuo Peters, Department of Energy will open the conference (provisionally confirmed)
    • Mr. Brian Statham – Chairman, South African National Energy Association
    • Mr. Alexander Narodickis – President & CEO, Saint Petersburg Electrotechnical Company
    • Dr. Steve Lennon – Divisional Executive for Corporate Services, Eskom
    • Mr. Chris Hart – Senior Economist, Investment Solutions
    • Prof. Philip Lloyd – Cape Peninsula University of Technology
    • Mr. Kannan Lakmeeharan – MD, Systems Operations & Planning, Eskom
    • Mr. Mike Rossouw – Executive Director Operations, Xstrata & Chair of Energy Intensive Users group
    • Mr. Doug Kuni – Managing Director, SA Independent Power Producers Association
    • Mr. Barry Bredenkamp – General Operations Manager, Central Energy Fund
    • Mr. Cornelis van der Waal – Energy Programme Manager, Frost & Sullivan
    • Mr. Robbie Louw – Director, Promethium Carbon
    • Mr. Dave Collins – the Fossil Fuel Foundation
    • Mr. Richard Worthington – Living Planet Unit, WWF SA
    • Ms. Rentia van Tonder – Head: Paper, Wood and Other Industries, IDC
    For further details please contact
    Cheryl Peters Kamreya Clark
    +27 (0) 21 689 7881 +27 (0) 21 689 7881
    cherylp@omegainvest.co.za kamreyac@omegainvest.co.za

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