Solar Powered Wheelchair Sets World Records


Solar Powered WheelchairHaidar Taleb, a 47 year old man from UAE, displayed a rare combination of human spirit and willpower when he took up a 200-mile long journey on a wheel chair that he has built for himself which runs on solar power. Being a person with polio since the age of 4 has not stopped him from taking up this challenge on this wheelchair, a piece of technological innovation.

World Records In Haidar’s Name.
Since this is not the first time Haider has taken up such journey on his solar powered wheel chair, he will have more than one record in his name once he finishes this tour. These include,
Entering Guinness Book of World Records by traveling 80 miles during a 14-hour trip from Abu Dhabi to Sharjah at a speed of 12 mph on a solar-powered wheelchair.
Making his own record better by 200 miles, mentioned above on the same wheel chair.

Aim of the journey
Haider says, “By taking-up this journey, I want to raise awareness about disability and tell people that we, despite our disability can achieve anything as an individual, if we are determined to try and have courage to do so.” With this journey Haider also wants to send out a message to other persons with disabilities like him, who have mobility problem. He wants to tell them, “There are no obstructions because you can do as you think. Given a chance, persons with disabilities can perform miracles.”

During the course of his journey, Haider will share the above message to inspire everyone when he talks to both disabled and non-disabled people in schools, colleges and centers working for the disabled.

Promoting eco friendly wheelchairs
With this journey, Haidar has helped to promote eco friendly wheelchairs. He says, “This journey was important in the sense that through it, apart from encouraging persons with disabilities in general, I have shown the world that solar-powered wheel-chair are important and they can change the lives of persons with mobility problems.”

The journey that Haider took on with the help of the eco-friendly device was sponsored by Masdar. It is a project to encourage detailed research into alternative energy solutions. It is hoped that the invention of solar-powered wheelchair and the message Haidar has given, will have a far reaching effects.


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