Designing for Sustainability Seminar



    The ecological design, efficient performance, and minimisation of the overall life cycle impact of buildings in southern Africa are critically important to the sustainable development of the region. Cooling buildings requires several times more energy than heating and in spite of relatively high rainfall, water remains a scarce resource in South Africa.

    Built-environment professionals have an obligation to design towards sustainability and building owners and operators are commercially motivated to learn about and strive towards high levels of performance in their buildings.

    Introducing the “Designing for Sustainability Seminar, Durban 13th May 2011“ an event that sees the gathering of international and local presenters and experts who will share insights into the most cost effective and practical ways to dramatically improve the environmental performance of buildings.

    The Seminar will address issues that relate to, for example:

    1. Passive design
    2. Energy efficiency standards
    3. Technologies and materials
    4. Water efficiency in buildings
    5. Carbon footprinting
    6. Sustainable design for residential buildings

    The Designing for Sustainability Seminar will incorporate an exhibition of South Africa’s leading products and services where suppliers will be able to showcase their wares and network with, in excess of, one hundred built environment professionals, managers, high callibre prequalified buyers and decision makers.

    The Seminar will be co-hosted by the Kwazulu-Natal Institute of Architecture and takes place in Durban on Friday 13th May 2011 at the Moses Mabhida Stadium.

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