ZuS Power Challenge


The ZuS Power Challenge is Coming Soon!

The ZüS™ Power Challenge is an opportunity for Global Wind Group Inc. to demonstrate that the energy produced from a 1 kw ZüS™ Modular Power System is sufficient to power life in a 8′x16′ cabin in the middle of an extreme Winnipeg, Canada winter. The challenge will be carried out over the course of two weeks and involve a GWG volunteer. Daily activities will include cooking, exercising, reading and a lot of time on the Internet sharing their experience. Components in the cabin will include a computer with internet access, a television, a fridge, a microwave and an exercise machine. All of these devices will run off the power generated from the turbine. There will be no connection to an outside power source even for the purposes of heating. The challenge will take place during the month of March at the Red River Exhibition in Winnipeg. After the challenge is completed, the eco cabin will become a permanent demonstration unit at the Red River Exhibition grounds.

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