The battery system of the future


Cellstrom products are systems solutions to offer stable energy supply from unstable sources such as renewables or weak grids.

The vanadium redox flow battery is the key component to all of our systems. It gives a general buffering action and can therefore offer peak shaving function.
The FB10/100 energy store was developed for the lower power and energy segment, up to 15 kW continuous power and 100 kWh energy store. Through combination of the energy store with renewable sources such as photovoltaics, wind and/ or a biofuel generator a defined load can be completely and reliably met.
Typical applications:
Independent household electricity supply – mini-grid
Solar filling station for electric vehicles
Autonomous energy supply for communications stations e.g. telecom transmitters
Telemetric stations, radar stations
Local stabilisation of weak grids
Load shifting of the grid – peak shaving

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