Gauteng’s Green Economy Plan to power job creation

Johannesburg – By this time next year, the Gauteng Provincial Government would have finalised its Green Economy Plan, ensuring that the largest regional economy in South Africa contributes to the manufacturing of green products and the waste sector.

This is according to Gauteng Premier Nomvula Mokonyane, who addressed hundreds of guests and lawmakers at the Gauteng Legislature on Monday.

Mokonyane said Gauteng would from this year play a greater role in the development of the green economy.

“We will in the next six months finalise our Green Economy Plan, which will promote light industries to manufacture green products [for] the waste sector, including buy-back centres for waste recycling,” said Mokonyane, according to the Gauteng Provincial Government.

“This is part of a larger programme aimed at ensuring that we ‘reduce, re-use and recycle’ our waste as well as sorting waste at the source. Working in partnership with the private sector, we will ensure that waste removal and management creates job opportunities within a regularised environment,” the Premier added.

Mokonyane said the province would continue to engage with renewable energy experts on gas, solar power and biomass projects.

“We are working towards creating capacity for the big public hospitals to generate their own energy supply sourced from recycling of medical waste using new technology. This will help reduce reliance on coal to generate steam.

“We will pursue energy saving measures and the use of renewable energy in our public institutions such as schools, clinics and other government buildings,” she said. – Gauteng Provincial Government. – BuaNews

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