Shared Imports..200 Litre Non-Pressurized Solar Water Geyser


200 Liters Non-Pressurized Geyser with an Intelligent Controller.
Food Grade Stainless steel inner tank(GPWYJ-Z-KC02).
Colour steel outer sheet.
55mm Polyurethane foam insulation.

Thermal reservation capacity 72 Hours.
20 x 1800mm x 58mm x 2mm Evacuated Tubes.

Vacuum tubes:all-glass vacuum tubes with high heat absorption(Zijin pipe),specification:φ58mm*1800mm X 2mm.
Digital Intelligent Solar powered Control Unit and thermostat, 
can pre-set and show water level,also can fill water and heat water automatically to insure constant hot water

Solenoid for controlled water inlet/outlet.
Can be stand alone or linked to existing geyser for pre-heat.
Warranty 7 Years…Exceeding ESKOM requirement.
Complete stand alone solar panel controlled unit.
CE Approval.
ISO 9001: 2000 Standard

Price per unit R 5 130 Inclusive VAT and Freight (Wynberg, Gauteng)

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