Stolen Telkom cable crisis..Current Automation


    We are trying to solve our stolen Telkom cable crisis and have activated cellphone numbers, so that our clients can access us. We are in the process to get Neotel to assist us with a wireless solution, but this may take a few days to activate.
    For sales telephone lines please use the following numbers:

    Daleen: 079-788-7574 or
    Estelle: 079-618-3256 or
    Diana: 079-016-1417 or
    Philemon: 079-953-5969 or
    Jean: 079-729-0693 or
    Solar and Solutions:
    Jonny: 079-037-4972 or
    Ferdinand: 079-734-6747 or
    UPS and Inverter Backup Solutions:
    Duane: 079-740-8605 or
    Telecom Rectifier Solutions:
    Gerrit: 079-651-6535 or
    Battery solutions:
    Tina: 079-064-6333 or

    Fax services are now available at: 086-658-1231
    Accounts Department: 079-725-7807
    Shipping Department: (Joseph): 079-730-4517
    We appreciate your assistance and patience in this matter and hope to assist you soon with our services which are back on-line.
    Please visit our website: for all your power solution requirements.

    The Current Automation team.