IRP2010 promised for April 1


The final version of the long-awaited integrated resource plan, or IRP2010, would be promulgated by April 1, 2011, a Department of Energy (DoE) official confirmed on Tuesday.
Chief director: electricity Thabang Audat told delegates at the 2011 Energy Indaba, which is taking place in Sandton, that the post-consultation version of the IRP2010 had been written and had been presented to the InterMinisterial Committee on Energy last week.
It would proceed to a Cabinet Committee on March 9, and to the full Cabinet before the end of March.
The IRP2010, which offers a 20-year view on South Africa’s energy mix, seeks to balance growth in demand with South Africa’s commitments to reducing its dependence on coal and to reducing climate-changing emissions.
Deputy Energy Minister Barbara Thompson said that the IRP2010 would focus on guaranteeing security of supply, as well as diversify the mix away from coal and towards renewable sources, as well as nuclear energy.

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