Tankless Hot Water Heaters


Power Afrca Tankless G5

Tankless hot water heaters are about to revolutionize the plumbing business.

Here’s how “on demand” hot water works and why it saves money:

-By avoiding stand-by heat loss and taking less time to heat, the “on
demand” hot water simply takes less time to heat and avoids losing the
heat that traditional tank water heaters lose through their walls.

-An “on demand” unit can last twice as long as the traditional geyser
because they have an approximate 20-year life expectancy
-You have more time to reap the benefits of your investment

-“On demand” only runs when heated water is required
-Saving even more Rand in electricity efficiency

-Fuel costs including natural gas, propane, and electricity are steadily
-As costs go up, “on-demand” efficiency creates even greater savings

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