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    Water - our precious resource
    A very important topic under discussion for the month of March is one of our most precious and finite resources – WATER. National Water Week is taking place from 21 -27 March and World Water Day is on 22 March. Both these events aim to raise awareness around the scarcity of water and how important water management and water conservation are for the future of this precious resource and for life on this planet. Unfortunately the price of water is way too low and this results in businesses and individuals wasting too much of it, when it is imperative that we conserve as much as possible! As Benjamin Franklin said “When the well is dry, we learn the worth of water” Can you imagine a world without water? It’s a world completely devoid of life, so it’s vital that we all play our part and ensure that the well never dries up!
    GCX is hosting a free webinar on Thursday 24 March at 2pm on ‘What is a Carbon Footprint and why should my company be monitoring theirs?’ Click here to sign up now! 

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