Solar Power for Elkanah Junior High School


Elkanah House has a positive, strong environmental and sustainability outlook. Emphasis is placed on the benefits of this vision in its education syllabus at the school.sustainability outlook. Emphasis is placed on the benefits of this vision in its education syllabus at the school. 

Learners are encouraged to be part of a sustainable environment and taught about the efficient use of energy and power generation from renewable resources. Fitting the school with Solar Power enables its teachers to “teach by example”
A solar power system of 1.4kWp was installed on the roof of the Elkanah Junior High School in Sunningdale, Cape Town. The system converts the power from the sun to electricity and feeds this into the electricity grid at the school.
The electricity generation data is captured in a data logger and displayed on the internet, allowing the system to be monitored remotely.
The system offers the option to add battery storage if power failures become a problem.
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