Nigeria: Bio-Nergy Provides Alternative Power for Micro Entrepreneurs


    To Enhance Productivity, Bionergy Limited, a Biomass electricity solutions company has said that it will make power available for micro entrepreneurs, as an alternative power solution.

    This will only be possible if micro-entrepreneurs who are willing to get Biomass electricity supply could per into group of cooperatives to enable them acquire the machine, Managing Director, Bio-nergy, Mr. Ernest Onyenze, said, explaining, “Biomass is a process of putting dried agricultural waste into energy, while biomass energy is the power that you get from that process.”

    Onyenze said this at an exhibition of Biomass power Generation solution, stating that the essence of the initiative is to ensure power supply gets to rural areas, where there are artisans and micro entrepreneurs whose businesses depends on electricity.

    He said, “We want people to come together and write us. There are interventional agencies, foundations that can give grants. Some businesses depend largely on electricity supply which affects their income welfare.

    “Darkness represents poverty and is a setback to any business and without light we cannot drive the change we want in this country.”

    Calling for government support, he called on the Federal Government to act as an intervention partner to the project, saying, “The situation in Nigeria requires radical alternative to get what we want. The situation has gotten us thinking, is a project of about eight years since we started working with our partners in US, on how Nigeria agricultural waste can be transformed into energy.

    “Today we have about 500 units of that all over the world, only five in Africa, one in Kenya, three in Liberia and one in Nigeria, this is the only single unit in Nigeria and we are trying to see how we can get the government to know that this has its potential to sort our power problem, particularly the rural areas, within the schools, universities, places where power is required and need solution.