West Rand leading the way on green strategies


We aim to become South Africa’s greenest city. To this end we will soon be rolling out what will be known as the Green IQ strategy. There are opportunities for developing economies to benefit from climate change mitigation strategies and the West Rand will be making a strong case for private investors to help in the growth of green and sustainable industries.

Renewable power generation is our priority. We are investigating the replacement of street lights with more sustainable and affordable alternatives, as well as installing alternative energy sources in housing developments. Green IQ, therefore, is a commitment to make the West Rand the greenest district in South Africa and to provide an African example of how sustainable development is not just a good choice for development, but the best choice.

Such a strategy will express our vision of a new and better way of living and we owe it to future generations to seize the opportunity to make it real.

Every department in our municipalities will unite behind this objective. We believe that any job creation drive that we embark upon will benefit from turning environmental concerns into economic gain – something we often speak about and yet have not given much attention to.

Many residents would have noticed a standardised roll-out of dustbins, marking the convergence of our twin goals: merging capacity and resources for better basic service delivery across our municipalities, and creating the environment for our people to becoming a greener, more ecologically conscious society. Mpho Nawa is executive mayor of West Rand district municipality.

The Greenhouse Project is currently researching various biogas projects in line with West Rand District Municipality furthering the green initiatives shown.