African Business Review


    African Business Review  are going to be conducting interviews over the next few weeks with some of Africa’s Chief Financial Leaders, Executives and Directors to talk about business development, strategy and growth across their own business in the ‘Alternative Energy’ sector across Africa and I am pleased to announce that their coverage will be sponsored by SAAEA.
    Over the course of the next 6 issues, African Business Review will be reserving front page positions, lead articles and their ‘New’ Digital Footprint marketing initiatives, at no cost, for carefully selected individuals and their businesses, providing thought provoking articles for executives in their leading publication African Business Review and acclaimed, international publication, Energy Digital.

    The focus on ‘Alternative Energy’ in the African region will be part of their continuous coverage of the industry that has already seen them successfully produce business reports for Lake Turkana Wind Power, Tenesol and EWC Africa, to name but a few, and they would like to continue their coverage with a similar, in-depth report on carefully selected SAAEA member companies.

    If you are interested in being shortlisted for this coverage, please email my contact and Senior Projects Director for African Business Review, James Pepper, for a short, off the record chat in order to gain a better understanding of your core business operations in order to find out more about the success of your business and talk through the process for producing the content.

    Contact James on – or feel free to phone on +44 (0)1603 217544

    All interest should be registered as soon as possible and the deadline for the first issue featuring SAAEA is 27th May.