Google backs wind energy


San Francisco (AFP) May 24, 2011Google on Tuesday said it is investing $55 million into a California wind energy farm, raising to $400 million the amount of money the technology giant has pumped into clean energy projects.

“The Mojave Desert might be best known for its scorching sun and scary sidewinders,” said Google director of green business operations Rick Needham.
“But the wind blows hard where the Mojave sands meet the Tehachapi Mountains in southern California, making it a great spot for wind turbines.”
Citibank is investing in the Alta Wind Energy Center project with Google.
The companies will pay for Terra-Gen Power to build the wind farm and then lease it back to Terra-Gen to operate, with the electricity being delivered to Southern California Edison public utility.
The center is expected to be among the largest such facilities in the United States, generating enough electricity to power 450,000 homes.

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