Green energy roll-out stalled


There is growing unease among green energy developers that there will be even more delays to the procurement of green power — the National Energy Regulator of South Africa (Nersa) announced this week that it would release its revised tariffs for renewable energy only in mid-June. They were expected by the end of May.

Besides having to wait for clarity about what they can expect to be paid for their power, broader policy uncertainty and other bottlenecks are contributing to unhappiness over the roll-out of green power, despite the government’s commitments to boosting the development of renewable energy.

But Minister of Energy Dipuo Peters, announced on Thursday, ahead of her budget speech, that the preparation of the procurement documentation under the renewable feed-in tarriff (Refit) programme has been completed and by December 2011 government would have completed the Refit procurement process.

Peters said that the review of the Refit tariffs would only affect the second phase of the renewable procurement.