The Nokero N200 – the most economical solar LED light on the market


The Nokero N200 strikes a perfect balance between quality and affordability, which is why we think it is the most economical all-in-one solar light available today.
The rainproof Nokero solar light
Is your solar light rainproof?

At Nokero our goal is to make dependable solar lighting products that remain affordable, even to the world’s most impoverished people.

Every day a solar light operates, it saves its owner money and can help lift a family out of poverty. The initial investment  of buying an N200 pays for itself in a short period of time (days to months, depending on market forces) yet the bulb is built to last for years.
Unfortunately, some of the ultra-inexpensive solar products on the market don’t last. Cheap in all senses of the word, these lights fail within weeks, days, or even hours, because of their low-quality components or poor design.
Light quality and brightness:
Several inexpensive models of solar light simply aren’t bright enough, or don’t last long enough, to do the job of replacing kerosene lamps or candles. Nokero lamps have successfully and completely replaced kerosene, candles, and other forms of personal lights in various climates and conditions around the world, including field tests in regions as diverse as Pakistan, Mexico, Haiti, Columbia, and Kenya.
Nokero special high-tempurature, AA NiMH batteries are made to withstand conditions at the equator or atop the highest mountain
The Nokero AA battery (left) is made for high temperatures and is easy to find, inexpensive to buy, and simple to replace. The same is not true of other product’s batteries (right)

Cheap models feature batteries that lose efficiency in high heat.  Hanging in the hot equatorial sun, temperatures can exceed 45°C (113° F) – the special Nokero battery can handle heat up to a scorching 55°C (131° F)  and maintain battery charging efficiency.
Battery replacement:
Some models use non-standard batteries, so they are very difficult to replace, and tools are required to access the battery compartment. Nokero’s high-quality, NiMH battery features tool-less replacement. The battery is also a commonly-used rechargeable AA-sized battery, available for about $1 US virtually anywhere in the world.
Beware of ultra-inexpensive solar light systems, which fail after only one exposure to rain or snow, and are susceptible to failure even in high humidity. Solar products need to be used outdoors, in direct sunlight – but weather can come at any time. Electronics and water don’t mix, that’s why Nokero’s products are  rainproof.
The design of the Nokero N200

The Nokero N200 is designed with quality in mind.

Smart design:
Designers who don’t understand manufacturing techniques often make a nice-looking product, but one that is too expensive to produce. Other models aren’t ergonomic, tip over easily, or are difficult to hang and carry. The Nokero is built and shipped efficiently, shaving precious cents off its cost. Most of all, the Nokero N200 is bulb-shaped, making it instantly recognizable around the world, and a desirable item for any home.
Pivot toward the sun:
Solar panels create power much more efficiently when they can be pointed directly at the sun. The Nokero N200 can be pivoted to face the sun, making it extremely efficient.
Solar panels:
Not all solar panels are created equal. Nokero’s high-efficiency solar panels are some of the best available on the market – and they maintain their high-efficiency for 10 years or more. This high-efficiency makes our products smaller, lighter and easier to ship, sometimes as much as ½ the size of other models.
The Nokero N200 pivots toward the sun for maximum efficiency

The Nokero N200 pivots toward the sun for maximum efficiency

Strong materials:
The heat deflection temperature of many products is low – which means they will warp in the sun. The Nokero N200 has blended ABS (160 degrees C) and PC (140 degrees C) plastic designed to spend lots of time in extreme temperature – yet keep its shape.
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Savings are always available for these quality lights.

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