Solar-powered Water Purifier.


12million South Africans still do not have access to clean drinking water.
They are still subject to water-borne diseases such as cholera, hepatitis, dysentery and typhoid.
In developing countries, poor water quality is the leading cause of health problems.
Eighty percent of all illnesses in developing countries is caused by polluted water.
It is estimated that two million people die from these illnesses annually. 

A solar-powered water purifier based on UV treatment is now available. There is no need for expensive
chemicals, is simple to operate and can be used anywhere the sun shines.
Easy to install, it functions independently without the need to be connected to an electrical energy
source or water mains.

Water is cleaned and disinfected using solar power.
It is capable of purifying bacteriologically contaminated water.
The system kills all pathogens making water safe to drink.
Approved by UNESCO and certified by world-renowned water institutes, the system is able to provide
potable water for up to 400 people daily, purifying some 2000 litres.
Portable and weighing just 44kilograms, it can be used anywhere the sun shines.
It stands 1,4metres high and operates via a 12volt battery powered by a 75watt solar panel. 

Maintenance (cleaning of the solar panel and filters) as well as the management of the installation can easily be undertaken by locals. No technical knowledge is required.