SAEEC2011 delegates to be served a varied speaker program


    The SAEE’s flagship event, SAEEC2011, which is the Energy Efficiency @ Work Convention and Exhibition to be held on 16-17 November 2011 at Emperor Palace, Gauteng announces that delegate registration is now open!

    A variety of topics to be addressed by influential local and international speakers will ensure that all taste buds in the energy efficiency sector are served with loads of information. The international ISO standard, which was approved last month for Energy Management Systems, spurs a lot of questions with people which is why it will be a large component at the Convention. What makes it even more significant is that when you comply with the ISO standard you can now start gearing yourself up to claim tax on the energy savings you achieve. How these things work and what companies have to do to be successful in these areas will all be discussed and explained.

    International speakers will share with us what has worked and not worked in their countries with regards to their energy sustainability plans. A lot of info for industrial and manufacturing companies as well as mines will be presented, in addition to commercial building energy efficiency projects. Various topics on renewables, even solar roof tiles that you can now install instead of panels, wind energy, examples and case studies of various energy efficiency projects. With the IEEE review process in place, a number of valuable academic papers will be presented on research and development at our local institutions and within organisations.Register as a delegate 

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