Biomass Waste to Electricity and Bio-Carbon or Agrichar


OneGreen Engineering wants to become a world leader in developing and supplying of renewable energy engineering technology that will reduce our customers carbon footprints in the fields of biomass and waste to electricity.
Industrial turbo machines can convert heat generated from biomass into electricity with a standard Brayton Cycle with the added benefit of using no water at all. This fact implicates the lowest possible impact on the environment and communities living in it. As a by product bio-char can be produced from this technology, further benefiting agricultural land with soil rehabilitation programs. Bio-char (Agrichar) has proved to contribute to soil water retention, preventing leaching of nutrients and improving pH of acid soils and generally increase productivity and yields.

•The niche area:
•The conversion of existing (mature) industrial turbo machines used for heavy marine diesel engines and waste heat streams to electrical power generation.

•Basic concept:
•Use of Renewable and combustible material as fuel (i.e. MSW, biomass waste, IAPs, agric. & forestry residuals)
•Dry combustion process – no steam generation and therefore no water consumption
•Standard Brayton cycle with heat exchange/heat integration thermodynamic circuit
•Total oxidation of all carbon combustibles.
•Clean air as working fluid. No gasses and scrubbing required.
•Principle of operation verified by suppliers and thermodynamic calculations.

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