Energy Saving Safety Lights


The Light Sleeve is a semi-translucent, photolumiscent sleeve that fits easily over new or existing fluorescent light tubes.

The sleeve absorbs light from the source when on and emits usable light when that light source is removed, for example in the case of a blackout. This emitted light illuminates escape routes and allows for a safe and orderly evacuation from the building in the case of an emergency and/or power blackout.

The Light Sleeve thus provides backup emergency lighting and a visual guidance system that provides for a quick and effective evacuation if and when the need arises.

This versatile safety system can be used in a wide array of applications, in any sort of structure, to greatly enhance building safety standards. This product has been installed in, and added value to, a vast number of different structures such as: Residential apartment complexes, government buildings, utilities, oil rigs, military installations, corporations, educational institutions, mines, tunnels, and many others.

No Wiring Required
No Maintenance Required
No Restriction
Fitted to existing fluorescent light fittings in seconds
No Batteries Required
No Waste
Non Toxic
Non Radioactive
100% Reliable
Lasts up to 10 years under normal operating conditions

The Retainer Ring allows you to fit a Light Sleeve which is shorter than the lamp itself, for example a 2′ (600mm) Light Sleeve on a 4′ (1200mm) lamp.
The retainer ring spaces the Light Sleeve off the lamp allowing even air circulation around the lamp.

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