Solar Water Heating Cheapest Option For Green Homes


Solar Water Heating Kits

With the price of electricity rising at staggering rates we need to seek alternative sources of energy to keep cost at a minimum. Going the green home route holds not only benefits for your pockets but also, and more importantly, for the environment. We need to keep carbon emissions as low as possibly as individuals and also as a community. Unfortunately many green home technologies are still relatively new and under development and there the cost of these products tends to be at the steep side. However, if you are planning on building a green home your best and most cost effective option is to look into solar water heaters.
After a brief investigation of looking into the various eco green homes and the products available, it becomes clear that solar water heating is by far the cheapest of the green home options and you can also safe modestly in carbon emissions. Although the initial cost of installing this eco technology when you build your green home can be slightly more than the usual system, saving in the long run can be very beneficial.
The other option is biomass boilers. Although this eco product can provide the largest in carbon savings they are among the most expensive in sustainable renewable heat technologies you can install in your green homes. There are also questions about the long term sustainability of biomass feedstock. By comparison, solar water heating holds much more advantage for individual savings and carbon emissions. After all planning and building green homes should not be a chore or cost you an arm and a leg. Invest in some LED lights, solar water heating and constantly be conscious about green home methods and soon an eco lifestyle will be come naturally and be the norm.

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