New entrant to African CDM market

    Local energy optimisation company, Energy Cybernetics, is setting its sights on becoming a leading player in the Carbon Development Mechanism (CDM) industry in Africa. A collaboration between Energy Cybernetics and General Carbon and Clean Air Renewable Energy (CARE), will set a platform to successfully develop the CDM market on the continent. General Carbon is one of the fastest growing carbon market players in Asia and Africa. Steered by founders Dr. Ram Babu and Satsh Kashyap, the team has briskly built a portfolio of over 100 carbon offset projects across South East Asia and Africa, with a potential of 200-million tonnes of carbon offsets. General Carbon develops a range of carbon offset projects covering renewable energy, clean energy, energy efficiency, gas abatements, biofuel and forestry. General Carbon’s portfolio consists of over 1500 MW of wind power projects, 500 MW of hydro power projects, and 150 MW of biomass power projects apart from projects in modal shift and gas abatement. These projects require that measurement and verification (M&V) be done in a consistent, transparent, auditable and fundamentally sound basis. As a company which has been involved in developing and refining the South African Technical Standard (SATS) 50 010 with the SABS and Eskom DSM, Energy Cybernetics will add value to African CDM projects through its vast experience within the local M&V industry. SATS 50 010 is founded on international best practice as it is based on the International Performance and Measurement and Verification Protocol (IPMVP), a methodology to determine energy savings. The collaboration hopes to catalyse investment in low carbon technologies in the rural and urban centres in South Africa and Africa through promoting carbon emission reduction project developments which will not only help offset operational and maintenance costs for organisations, but have the added benefit of reduced carbon emissions tax incentives, and provide humanitarian benefits to rural centres by identifying appropriate projects.

    Contact Yolanda de Lange, Energy Cybernetics, Tel 041 367-1041,