Tender Accountability/Corruption in Southern Africa


An initiative of the Institute for Accountability in Southern Africa (IFAISA)
Initiated by the Institute for Accountability in Southern Africa (IFAISA) (a non-profit association), and organized by Omega Investment Research, this international conference is intended to deal with all the more serious forms of corruption and combating corruption from both an international and an African perspective.

Programme topics include:
  • Defining corruption and specific forms of corruption.
  • The prevalence of corruption. How is it measured? What are the high-risk areas for corruption both internationally and in Africa?
  • Governance and corruption.
  • The role of government and politicians in governance. The question of political party funding.
    How can institutional corruption be changed in terms of values both in government departments and in major corporations?
  • The role of regulators. What are the attributes of an effective, efficient and economical anti-corruption unit?
  • Procurement, be it in a government agency or a corporate, is where most frauds and corruption take place. How should this be challenged? And how to practically deal with conflicts of interest.
  • Money laundering. Monitoring sectors where money laundering is particularly active, i.e. gold and minerals; casinos, real estate, charities, imports/exports, free trade zones.
  • Bribing foreign officials to gain contracts. Can major contracts be won without unofficial payments? Is it a case of if you don’t, others will? The South African arms deal is a case in point.
  • Bribery and kick-backs. How do we deal with investigations into bribery and kick-backs, theft and embezzlement?
  • Donor aid. From an international donor’s perspective, how does one ensure that aid goes for the purpose that it is intended?
  • The role of the media in exposing corruption and fraud. The risks involved.
  • The role of civil society. When the state fails, what can civil society do?

For more information regarding presentation opportunities, sponsorship and attendee registration, please contact:

Sharon Nixon
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