Gaia : Lynx Torch Radio : Eco Home

Gaia : Lynx Torch Radio : Eco Home
Enjoy the freedom of mobile radio and light everywhere you go. The Lynx is an AM/FM Radio with integral flashlight that combines beautiful design with high level performance. No more empty batteries; just wind up or expose the solar panel to day- or sunlight and your radio will charge. You can even charge mobile phones with the Lynx. The Lynx can also be charged by the USB-port of your computer or the optional AC charger.Features include digital display tuning, with alarm clock, comfort feel rotary dials for easy tuning and volume control, lightweight, compact – ideal for home, garden, and travel.
The Lynx is an AM/FM radio with multiple charging possibilities by:
* Solar energy
* Wind-up
* USB-port of computer
* Mains socket (optional)


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