South African Green Day

Cape Town, South Africa – Food & Trees for Africa (FTFA), the first and only South African social enterprise with a strong focus on environmental and global warming education and awareness, and Global Carbon Exchange (GCX), a leading strategic sustainability consultancy and training provider, will announced the launch of ‘Green Day, on 30 September 2011. ‘Green Day’ has been initiated to take environmental awareness issues more mainstream. 

According to FTFA founder, Jeunesse Park, ‘From an environmental point of view, we find that we are often preaching to the converted. Environmental issues need to enter the public domain so more people become aware of the role they can play in ensuring a sustainable future,’ says Park. Green Day aims to raise consciousness of green issues such as climate change, water, waste and energy management, natural resource depletion and sustainability in general.

A call has been made to individuals and companies to support Green Day on Friday 30 September 2011. ‘We are hoping to mobilise the nation by showing their support for green issues by wearing green on the day, supporting a green cause in their community such as cleaning up a local park, donating to a green cause – or by changing their Facebook profile pictures to show that they are aware of green issues and support Green Day.’ says Ingrid Mech, Marketing Manager at GCX. According to Mech, September is the ideal month to launch this awareness day, ‘September is a very green month – it is not only Arbor Month. Al Gore this month launched 24 Hours of Reality with a new multimedia presentation on climate change, 12 to17 September is ‘Clean up South Africa Week’, 17 & 19 September is ‘Clean up the world weekend’ , Thursday 22 September is ‘Car-free / zero emissions day’, Saturday 24 September is ‘Heritage Day’, “Moving Planet Day” (to move the world from fossil fuels) and ‘’Day of 1000 trees’ with Sunday 25 September being ‘World Rivers Day’. ‘After all, with the country currently wearing green shirts on Fridays to support the Springboks in New Zealand – taking advantage of one of these days for the environment makes perfect sense,’ says Mech.

The international spotlight is already on South Africa with COP17 being hosted in Durban during December. In addition, soon all will be affected by the country’s imminent announcement of Carbon Taxes in 2012.

In this regard, Park emphasises, ‘As a nation we have the ability to raise environmental consciousness issues. This is an opportunity for individuals and companies to wake up to the reality of green issues, to show their support for environmental causes and realise the positive influence they can have on ensuring a sustainable future.’

All individuals and companies are invited to support the cause by wearing green on 30 September 2011. The call is also to support or make a donation to an environmental cause, spread the green word as far as possible and use emedia creatively such as changing profile pictures on Facebook to green to show their support.

Ingrid Mech, Marketing Manager
Direct telephone +27 (21) 680 5146; Mobile +27 (0) 79 899 4739

Food & Trees for Africa is the first and only South African social enterprise addressing sustainable development through climate change action, food security and greening, with a strong focus on environmental and global warming education and awareness.
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Global Carbon Exchange is a leading strategic sustainability consultancy and training provider. Consulting services range across the environmental sustainability spectrum: Sustainability, Carbon Management, Energy Management, Water Management, Waste Management, Environmental Strategy and Policy Development, Carbon Project Development, , Green Building Services, Carbon foot-printing and Training – and Climate Change Risk Planning. This is complimented with in-house or independent courses, across various disciplines.

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