Newsletter 22nd September 2011


South African Green Day
Wind Powered Seawater Desalination Free Webinar
Pre-register for the Johannesburg China Sourcing Fair (Nov.30 – Dec.02, 2011)
Africa Electricity new launch event
Africa infrastructure 2012 showcasing renewable
Third round of REMT Matching Grants Programme

Solar Energy Project in Pretoria South Africa.
Renewable energy – Getting it right
Photovoltaic panel mounting systems
Solar project for South African Coca-Cola water bottling
Biotherm prepares for rollout of S.A. renewable energy sector
Pet’ power project under fire
5 000 MW solar park study to be finalised by end 2012
ABB to build two solar PV plants for Eskom
US concerned by localisation stipulations in SA’s renewables
Tax allowance for energy efficiency savings
Vote of confidence for South African FIT U-turn?
Africa Forum for Clean Energy Financing CTI PFAN
Solar park study to be finalised by end 2012
You want your project funded. Are you prepared?
Rhino Energy and CES merger
Energy savings tax break for SA
Giant Namibian wind farm to generate “green energy” by
Gobabeb Training and Research Center in Namibia
Guide to CSP in South Africa
The Hydrogen Fueled Mercedes Benz F125 | Solar
IPP’s for South African small-scale renewables by
Drinking and utility water from seawater
RunRideDive | Formulec Electric Racing
Rural Electrification Forum. Mozambique
Lack of solar preparedness could see capacity reallocated to
The time is now for PV installations
Work to begin on solar power
Renewable energy performs well despite economic recession
Africa Leads Solar-Powered Laptop Revolution – Africa The Good News
How elephants could solve the biofuel problem – Green Living, Environment – The Independent
SA still attractive to IPP investors
Gaia : Lynx Torch Radio : Eco Home
An Introduction to Renewable Energy Systems
Certified Carbon Reduction Manager (CRM) Course
Climate Change Leadership Awards for South Africa
SA awaits shale gas assessment outcome
Aveng confirms plans to take equity in wind, solar
Nigeria Alternative Energy Expo 2011
Making Africa a Major Player in the Global Carbon Market
Tender Accountability/Corruption in Southern Africa
Big interest in South Africa DoE’s renewables tender
First Hybrid Solar-Geothermal Power Plant Underway
Feed-in tariff vs. competitive bidding
Japan Approves National Feed-in Tariff | Renewable Energy News Article
Lessons Learned: Italy’s Solar Rise and the Path Ahead | Renewable Energy News Article
Green Supply Chain Award 2011 South Africa
Women and South African Renewable Energy Projects

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