Hydro power Supplier seeks Joint Ventures


Small Hydropower is an untapped, vital resource in most countries of the world. The roll-up of small hydropower companies into large conglomerates has left a hole in the market, where opportunity is ripe for low-cost, low-risk development of abundant resources – without the need to build dams.!

Plug-n-Play Simplicity!
20 foot ISO container = 1 MW!
Delivered via land, sea, or air.!
Turbines by OGI!
Generators by Cummins.!
Built for life cycle of 50+ years.!
Easy to scale up as energy needs expand.!
Easy to scale down to accommodate seasonal flows.!
Standardized designs, interchangeable parts, highly maintainable.!
We work with local Joint Venture partners to clear a path for development, and to manage local teams. Our philosophy is to create jobs and expand wealth in the countries and regions we serve. !
Individual pHp projects are kept uncomplicated to obtain quick financing and
earn timely returns. The model aims to recoup capital outlays within just 2 to 3 years, notable in the economics of hydroelectric and green power generation.
Straightforward debt and equity instruments are preferred. Government and
bank guarantees may be obtained as necessary in developing regions.
Funding Partners have the opportunity to participate on an individual project, on multiple projects, or in the development of an entire PPA Master Agreement over a longer term.
In each country, we begin with a pilot project and the ambitious goal of going online within a year. Upon successful completion of the pilot project, we then scale, replicating more projects of similar scope – including some in parallel.

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