Wood and Charcoal Burner : Energy Efficiency

Eco Zoom : Versa – Wood and Charcoal Burner : Energy Efficiency

Fuel efficient wood and charcoal stoves optimised to provide a low cost, low emission and environmentally friendly solution that cooks around the world can enjoy Perfect for campers, outdoor enthusiasts and the environmentally conscious.
Ceramic combustion chamber- maximises heat transfer
Pot skirt- helps hot gases to heat the bottom and sides of the pot
Aerated ceramic fire chamber- increases temperature in combustion zone
Easy-to-clean steel body
Benefits :
2-4 times quicker
40- 50% less wood/charcoal
40- 75% lesss smoke
Reduces greenhouse gas emissions by 60%
Rugged, mobile, safe
Quick setup makes it perfect for any camping trip
No more concerns about carrying gas
Versatile addition to a braai
Easy tea/coffee in the morning
Boiling the potatoes/rice while you braai
Frying eggs on a pan, cooking toast on a skillet

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