Introducing The BIG RE Debate


    The BIG Debate is due to take place from 15th – 17th November 2011 at the Gallagher Convention Centre in Johannesburg.
     Hosted alongside the Africa Electricity Exhibition, The BIG Debate will be made up of four 90-minute sessions across the three days of the show, addressing the major issues the electricity industry faces today.
    Join The BIG Debate
    The region is committed to solving the issues in Africa’s electricity industry. Join us, and debate what the country needs to progress.
    Africa’s Electricity Distribution Infrastructure
    Introduction into the Current Status of the Electricity Distribution Industry Infrastructure in South Africa
    The Investment Backlog: Reasons for, what is required to address this backlog and the potential way forward
    Dr Wille De Beer, Energy Specialist Consultant
    Ronald Chauke, Head of Department: Regulatory Reform, National Energy Regulator of South Africa (NERSA)
    New and Renewable Sources of Energy
    Aims to emulate solar initiatives
    How Africa can reduce reliance on coal
    Controversy over nuclear plans
    Johan van den Berg, Director of Carbon Finance, South African Wind Energy Association (SAWEA)
    Jasandra Nyker, CEO, BioTherm Energy
    Dr. Chris Haw, Co-Founder and Acting Chairman, South African Photovoltaic Industry Association, SAPVIA
    The Generation Deficit and IRP 2010-2010
    The short-term outlook
    With the IRP, is the Energy Conservation Scheme (ECS) still necessary?
    The possibility of an ECS without penalties.
    In an attempt to improve National planning and track efficiency improvement, can the use of an ECS and Allocation Management System help?
    The Tariff Path and how competitive South Africa’s industry will be compared to other emerging economies.
    Piet Van Staden, General Manager, SC Strategic Sourcing, Sasol Group Services
    Doug Kuni, Managing Director, SA Independent Power Producers Association
    IPP Procurement Programme Update
    FEED-In Tariffs have been abandoned in favour of a bidding process. The first round of bids close on 4th November and the preferred bidder will be announced at COP17 in Durban at the end of November
    Thembani Bukula, Regulator, NERSA