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The Corporate Carbon e-course, a free on-line course produced under sponsorship by the Green Business Guide, brings end-users up to date by providing a simple overview of the carbon industry in South Africa with interesting examples of what companies are doing to deal with the need to address climate change, energy efficiency and sustainability. 
Of the top 100 companies listed on the JSE, 74 have reported their carbon footprints under the Carbon Disclosure Project. Many companies are actively involved in the carbon industry in South Africa, like Goldfields (private company) which has sold 1.7 million carbon credits on the overseas markets by implementing a project to reduce the amount of methane produced in their Beatrix mine, which is one of many examples presented in the e-course.
Local governmental departments are also carbon active such as the Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Municipality (government) whom has decided to implement carbon projects on four of the five regional landfill sites – Rooikral, Rietfontien, Weltevreden, and Simmer and Jack. The natural production of landfill gas presents an opportunity to utilise the methane gas as an energy source and leads to the creation of carbon credits. Learn more from examples such as these in the e-course to stimulate ideas and recognise opportunities that can benefit your own organisation through carbon participation.
The Corporate Carbon e-course consists of six modules that are delivered weekly in pdf format to your mail box, making the content easy to access and digest.  Each module contains lots of links to more detailed information should you wish to delve deeper into the topic, research companies active in the field, understanding the current legislation and tax regime, learn about trading carbon and renewable energy projects presently active in South Africa , and much more.
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