Newsletter 20th October 2011




Simplified tender for small renewables projects

Tender.Alternative energy system Eastern


Proposed carbon tax for South Africa, Open panel discussion and debate

CSP Today: 1st Concentrated Solar Thermal Power Conference & Expo South Africa

Pre-register for the Johannesburg China Sourcing Fair (Nov.30 – Dec.02, 2011)

Introducing The BIG RE Debate
CSP in South Africa FREE Webinar


Switch to green economy ‘will be painful’ energy-efficiency fund

Renewables..It comes down to price

Free Corporate Carbon e-course

Namakwaland member seeks collaboration in

Pioneer Plastics publish new energy web site.

SA gives carbon-heavy sectors two years to set carbon

The spotlight on solar water heaters

Dow’s Powerhouse Shingle Finally Arrives

Wind power is key to KwaZulu-Natal’s green economy

Environmental Affairs, DBSA to establish ‘green’ funding mechanism

Solarpack starts ops in South Africa alongside Kabi

Technical assistance to the South African National Treasury on implementing RE

Carbon-credit potential of South Africa’s solar-geyser

Indian satellite to monitor weather change – IOL SciTech |

Sex, drugs and some rock ‘n roll – newspaper – Mail & Guardian Online

Transition from rebates to contracts to bolster solar-geyser roll-out

SA Renewables funding scheme to launch at climate

Will Africa Provide the Solution to the World’s Renewable Energy Needs?

How Loud is a Wind Turbine? | GE Reports

GE Unveils Advanced Turbine Tech

Smart grids ‘could give SA reliable electricity’

Proposed carbon tax for South Africa, Open panel discussion and debate

Energy price and capacity restraints cost SA dearly

Vertical Green Energy now in South Africa

Regulating energy efficiency tax incentives

Wood and Charcoal Burner : Energy Efficiency

Energy in the Built environment

Hydro power Supplier seeks Joint Ventures

Hyundai SA starts construction on its new R75m green head office

South African CSP: Weighing up the opportunity

Exciting renewable energy opportunity in Eastern Cape

REEEP-OFID Funding Call for Proposals

IDC aims to demonstrate value of biofuels industry

German company appoints local partner

Consortium to submit IPP bid for 19 MW landfill gas-to-energy project

Simple solution for solar parks

Assistance packages to spur localisation in wind sector


Large Hybrid Solar Systems Is Inaugurated in Namibia

Wind turbine part maker mulls SAfrican plant

What’s the Impact of Oil on the Environment

Transport headaches for Wind Turbines

Smart meters for municipalities

South African CSP: Weighing up the opportunity on Environmental Expert

Manufacturers say power hikes will put them out of business –
UNDP adviser highlights renewable energy tender approach drawbacks

Entrepreneurs, SMEs urged to participate in clean tech competition

Wind turbine maker wants DoE to shed light on local content threshold for onshore wind technologies

SA should promote transition to hydrogen-fuelled public transport

Mull over draft electric vehicle strategy