Climate Financing and Project Development. Durban event.

“Climate Financing and Project Development: promoting the uptake of decentralised Renewable Energy generation and Energy Efficiency in Cities”

(The workshop will be held on the 7th of December 2011 in Durban running alongside COP 17 convening from 8:30am -1pm at the Local Government Pavilion. )

The financing gap in Africa’s energy sector, coupled with the continent’s abundant untapped natural resources, creates an opportunity to attract private investment, accelerate growth, and embark on sustainable and low-carbon growth path. Local government has a critical role to play in accelerating renewable energy and energy efficiency projects and setting the precedence for decentralised energy generation, demand-side driven interventions, thereby addressing both national energy constraints and act, through the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, against the global challenge of climate change. However, RE and EE implementation at the municipal level is still wrought with difficulties on the ground. This highlights the need to provide city leadership with ongoing policy, regulatory, financial and technical support that will allow for successful implementation of RE and EE projects.

Objectives of the Seminar

Thus, the REEEP-SACN seminar seeks to identify and address key barriers to the uptake of renewable energy and energy efficiency at the municipal level by showcasing international best practices and approaches that can be adopted by cities to overcome such barriers.

The focus topics are:

·         Modes of delivery and approaches – local and international best practices/case studies.

·         Addressing financial/investment barriers to distributed RE and EE DSM programmes in municipalities.

For more details on the event please visit to register or refer to the tentative agenda. For any other queries please refer to Luke…
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