10 Webinars on Regulation and Sustainable Energy in Developing Countries


Co-sponsored by Clean Energy Solutions Center and Leonardo Energy.


Clean Energy Solutions Center helps governments turn clean energy visions into reality through sharing of policy best practices, data, analysis tools, and clean energy resources.
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All the webinars take place at 15h00 Central European Time (check your local time).
Sessions 1 & 2 – 1st , 8th December 2011

  • Renewable Energy and Rural Electrification Policies Renewable energy and access to energy services in rural areas & planning
  • Implementation of rural energy services companies
  • Regulatory and institutional framework
  • Cases of succesful electrification policies with RE

Sessions 3 & 4 – 12th, 26th January 2012

  • Feed In Tariff Policies & Grid Integration
  • Correct level of tariff
  • Selection of technologies / grid integration
  • Link between RE policies and industry policy
  • Analysis of existing FIT in developing countries

Sessions 5 & 6 – 9th, 23rd February 2012

  • Other Renewable Energy Support Mechanisms and Policies
  • Green certificates/ RPS schemes an their limitations
  • Fiscal incentives and tax breaks
  • Financing RE / mobilisation of CDM (post Kyoto)
  • Cases of massive scale RE dissemination in developing countries

Sessions 7 to 10 – 8th, 22nd March 2012 – 5th, 19th April 2012

  • Energy Efficiency in Developing Countries
  • Standards and labels/white certificates/ESCOs
  • Revenue decoupling and EE Energy audits / EE in buildings and in the industry
  • Cases of successful EE policies in developing countries.

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