South Africa leads the world towards sound M&V practices


    Gustav Radloff, MD of Energy Cybernetics and SABS representative at ISO, announces the confidence placed in South Africa’s M&V expertise by being acknowledged as global leaders in the field.

    On the 16 of November 2011, delegates to the Southern African Energy Efficiency Convention 2011 (SAEEC2011) were the first to hear that South Africa had been appointed as the chair of the International Standards Organisation (ISO) working group to establish a global measurement and verification (M&V) standard. South Africa is viewed internationally as leaders in the field of M&V due to its expertise gained as a result of Eskom’s demand side management (DSM) programme, as well as across diverse sectors and projects.
    The appointment followed the achievement of South Africa being the first country in the world to publish a standard for the M&V of Energy Savings, SANS 50 010,in the middle of 2011.
    Gustav Radloff, MD of Energy Cybernetics, whom also represents the South African Bureau of Standards (SABS), was elected to chair the working group of ISO to establish the “M&V of Organisational Energy Performance – General Principles and Guidelines”standards for almost 50 countries in the world, including Argentina, Australia, Denmark, Canada, USA, UK, China, Japan, Brazil, Norway, Mexico, etc.Radloff said: “South Africa will act as a bridge to bring global perspectives together under one umbrella. The fear is that M&V will be done in different ways, and so there is an important need to introduce coherence globally.”
    The objectives of the working group are to ensure international confidence in recorded energy performance results considering other standards, programs and regulations, and a key challenge will be to allow flexibility in the approach to M&V whilst achieving this.
    For more information contact Gustav Radloff 018 297 5908 or email, or visit the website on

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