Wind Powered Seawater Desalination Free Webinar

Wind Powered Industrial Process : Seawater Desalination
An illustration on how renewables can offer low and long-term stable costs of energy for industrial process
by Fernando Nuño

Already today wind power offers low and long-term stable costs of energy and therefore is able to compete with large scale conventional power generation. Using wind power directly for energy intensive industrial processes requires an optimized hybrid configuration as well as a balanced load and/or energy management. The technical and economical specifics for wind powered seawater desalination (RO) as a completely integrated solution are presented and emphasize its capability and potential to be implemented in medium and large scale within the next few years.

Joachim Käufler
, civil engineer with main focus on steel and plant constructions. He has substantial work experience of product development, planning/consulting, project development and turn-key implementations within the fields of steel and plant constructions of conventional power plants and renewable energy systems.

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Date : 27 September 2011 – 16h00 Brussels time

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