Wind Power South Africa


    Removing the critical barriers to market growth and low-cost energy from wind

    22 June 2011, Johannesburg, South Africa

    Wind Power South Africa has been designed to address the critical logistical barriers delaying the market’s growth from the 150MW of current installations to the 7,000 MW potential wind power identified in the 2002 White Paper on Promotion of Renewable Energy and Clean Energy Development. This succinct, information-packed conference will allow wind farm developers to see how a lean, local supply chain can help them to compete with other sources of energy and drive down the cost of wind power.

    A huge growth in energy from renewable sources is on the cards for South Africa, creating economic opportunities, lowering carbon emissions and reducing its reliance on coal. The 2030 target of 52,248 MW from renewables looks achievable through the combined effort of government and private stakeholders working towards implementing the 20-year Integrated Resources Plan.

    Wind power will support the power mix in South Africa, reduce the risk of rolling black outs, grow GDP by R1.071-billion a year, encourage investment into the country, create 20,000 new jobs and develop local skills. Reducing the current reliance on coal (95% of current supply) will drastically reduce carbon emissions and water waste by 16.5-million kilolitres and provide a more stable supply of power.

    Wind Power is a key part of a holistic energy strategy and, after high initial installation costs, can provide a fuel-free and stable supply of energy. Mature wind markets in the USA and Europe have shown that wind is an indispensible source of power, jobs and economic growth but critical logistics challenges must first be overcome in order for South Africa to establish a strong local market for wind in collaboration with international experts.

    The Wind Power South Africa Supply Chain & Installation Forum covers the fundamental roadblocks you will need to address as a developer; global turbine trends, best-practices in turbine selection, the tower supply market, transportation and risk management and will allow the best local and international innovators to meet, learn, network and do business during a focused one-day seminar.

    Co-located with Solar South Africa