Wanted: South African distributor for wind turbine.


The DYNA-MVC® is the most powerful wind turbine ever made (56% Betz rentability).

The DYNA-MVC® is the commercialization of the Hybrid MVC technology (patent 1018803A3) of Alex Erauw, a Belgian scientist, and his research center. The technology was expanded and “double” checked in wind tunnels in the USA.

Together with “live” measurement results, it was proven:
Over 300 prototypes have been modeled … millimeter by millimeter…
Over 26 000 CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) computer test hours…
Over 650 CFD analyses have been carried out!

All tests are available: effrpm / efftsr / forces / power / smpower / smpowerrpm / smpowertsr / torques / videos

The DYNA-MVC® is the first vertical windmill to surpass HAWT when it comes to rentability.

The DYNA-MVC® is the only windmill with such high rentability at ground level. (cP 0.53 at 3m/sec and cP 0.56 at 6m/sec!).

The MVC Technology® is a patented invention from our partner Engineer Alex Erauw and is a modified and improved Betz 2 Turbine 


Short term ROI (return on investment)

Suitable for open area and industry
Incredible Life Expectancy : > 40 years
100% Stainless Steel Construction (INOX)
Usable at ground level and industrial building
Ultra Low Wind Speed Usage
Works in all sorts of winds, coming from any direction (even turbulent)
Very broad wind speed range (2 to 13.5 m/sec)
No noise
No light reflection
SAFE: no danger of “stampede”
Favorable Ecological Footprint (raw material recycling)

The DYNA-MVC® Low Windspeed simply “ CAN’T BE BEATEN 

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