Newsletter 27th January 2011

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Employment wanted/offered… here
Tenders/Quotation Requests…..
SAAEA has revolutionised the renewable energy industry with it’s innovative and ground breaking online quotation system. From a buyers perspective the time-saving on costing is simply sensational. Submit your request….

New Uganda feed-in programme sets tongues wagging

SA construction firms starting to focus on green practices

Solar Baked Beans

Television series on energy efficiency

Solar Powered Wheelchair Sets World Records

South African Solar Power Inventions

Feeding into the national grid ?

That’s Us: Down a hole for 13 Years


SA economy ‘poorly placed’ to deal with climate change challenges

Entrepreneur in you always wanted to own your own business?

Implementing South African Wind Energy

Low Carbon Future – IRP2010 Conference

Will 2011 be a watershed year for Eco Building Mauritius?

Rozelle Village, South Africa, in Green Pilot Program

RENEWABLE ENERGY. Still in the dark?

Employment Wanted

Link launch Solar Connect in South Africa.

Perpetual Motion ?

Funding for Alternative Energy Projects

Namibia to harness wind power

IRP2010 to be published in Feb, DoE confirms

New Eco Centre in South Africa. Eco Centre

SAAEA’s New Membership Category

Bridging the Energy gap in Africa !

Decision on South Africa’s toxic mine drainage in sight

‘Domestic Use of Energy Conference’, 11-13 April 2011, South Africa 

New Members

Associated Solar Industries (Gold)……

Algae Technology (Gold)….Under construction

Mexell Energy (Gold)…

Saneri, Working for Energy (Gold)…

CSIR (Gold)…

Solar Con (SILVER)……

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