Newsletter 20th March 2012


Green Pavilion at Rand Show  
Designing Smart Cities

Discount for African Utility Week in South Africa
4th Annual Maghreb/Middle East Renewable Energy Summit 2012

Power & Electricity World Africa 2012 Read more…



Bottled Sunshine JarLite

Living off-grid – it can be done |

Carbon Track keeps a close eye on your green investment

Green Energy Efficiency Fund, IDC South Africa

Open smart metering system done in South Africa

Spanish Invitation for South African RE Collaboration

MPPT Regulator 20 amp made in South Africa

Electric Vehicle first for SA

SABS introduces energy efficiency labelling standard for appliances

New SA wind atlas

South Africa: 79 Renewable Energy Project Bids in 2nd Round IPP

Hudu, a pioneer in the world of South African Solar Power

Big potential for small wind market

SA has huge wind energy potential

Nigeria formalises independent power generation

Monocrystalline vs Polycrystalline Photovoltaic Cells

How to save water in your home |

SA green energy expert on World Economic Forum’s prestige list

Absa and AFD to fund clean energy projects in South Africa

Plastic bottles to build a Biogas digester

First South African prototype 50 m wind turbine rotor blade.

Eskom tariffs will consider SA economy’s needs

Discover Siemens in Africa

Green estate using Solar Power in South Africa

Gildemeister Energy Solutions now in South Africa

Ground Screws by Krinner

Coherent Policies and bottom up Hybrid energy solutions could assist Zuma with triple challenge

Biomass Investment opportunity in South Africa

South African RFI from potential developers of cogeneration facilities

German Solar Market Remains Attractive for Residential Investments

South African industry stumbles under rising energy tariffs and international demands for ‘green’ products

Tata Favors Wind, Solar as Coal-Fed Plants ‘Impossible’ to Build – Bloomberg

Pay Attention to South African RE Market

Solar-powered internet school

CSP engineering, procurement and construction in South Africa

New RE role player for South Africa

Waste to Energy – a municipal solid waste perspective within the mining town environment

Determining carbon tax rate a fine balancing act – Treasury

Germany’s New Solar Containment Policy

AFRICEF2 showcases African clean energy projects to investors –

CSP projects trigger local solar industries in South Africa

Innovative Israeli renewable energy and energy efficiency solutions to come to South Africa in March