Newsletter 12th July 2011

Employment wanted/offered… here
Tenders/Quotation Requests…..
SAAEA has revolutionised the renewable energy industry with it’s innovative and ground breaking online quotation system. From a buyers perspective the time-saving on costing is simply sensational. Submit your request….


Renewable Energy Market Transformation Project…Requests for Proposals

South African IDC looking for financial modelling consultant PV, wind and hydro projects


Clean Technology business and investment matchmaking…

Energy efficiency radio program


Nigeria Alternative Energy Expo 2011..New Dates

SAEEC2011 delegates to be served a varied speaker program



Nersa raises questions on REFIT

Refit price competition in first renewables round.

Renewable energy associations appeal for assistance

Refit..We told you so….

Fresh concern that SA is poised to abandon Refit in favour of competitive bidding

WWF calls on government for REFIT commitment

Natural gas power plant for Sasol in South Africa

Price of LP Gas

Solar horizontal irradiation map

What light is at the end of the renewable energy tunnel?

Delayed Joule project seeks R9bn to produce market-ready vehicle

Beat the Eskom Electricity Hike Blues

Solution for raw sewage

Carbon Development Mechanism made simple

All about Eskom

Tidal power, the new, green, predictable source of energy

Next thing in wind energy: Stealth turbines

Tour of American Fracking Hot Spots by South Africans

Graduate Research Awards on Climate Change and Water

Eskom Generation Connection Capacity Assessment of the 2012 Network

‘Carbon storage’ faces leak dilemma

Eskom Report Grim Reading

Upington power generation far better than US and Spain

Sustainable form of renewable energy procurement required .

Carbon credit trading continue beyond 2012 ?

Solar water heaters in South Africa

Wind farms for South Africa

Renewable Energy Angola

New Membership Fees Southern African Alternative Energy Association (SAAEA)

Transport and Climate Change

Concern over geo-engineering “science”

Greenpeace dump 5 t of coal outside Eskom head office

Eskom more than doubles profit

African Business Review

Is Energy Sourcing the Gateway Drug to Energy Efficiency

Licence hearings for long-awaited DoE peaking plants in July

Homologation for EV’s.

Fluid Imaging Sells Flowcam to ASU for Algae Research

Tata Steel partnership yields solar girders

Plant With A Bad Name..Jatropha

Installed gensets vs building new peaking plants

Licence hearings for long-awaited DoE peaking plants in July

Harvesting Heat from a Heat Pump

Vodacom aims for top green building rating with R24m green innovation centre

 ‘Green’ BMW dealership in Pretoria, South Africa

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