KVAR energy saver launch in Ghana


Alton Holt, Vice President of KVAR Energy Savings, Inc. in the USA has arrived in Ghana to launch the KVAR Energy Saver for Ghanaians to benefit from the electricity they use as well as save the environment they live in. He will meet the press on Thursday, August 22, 2013 at the Ghana International Press Center (GIPC) to demonstrate how the product works and explain the benefits.

KVAR is the ideal energy saver for residential, commercial and industrial settings and the device optimizes electrical motors systems. It helps significantly to reduce electrical costs and pollution from energy generated by the utility companies.

KVAR decreases demand at the meter by reducing lost and wasted power. The system has been tested by NASA, CANADIAN STANDARDS ASSOCIATION, UNDERWRITERS LABORATORY and LAKELAND ELECTRICITY.

Alton Holt was accompanied to Ghana by Emmanuel Quaye, Chief Executive of B- Lube Solutions who is the representative of KVAR Energy Savings, Inc. Emmanuel Quaye, a businessman of international repute and also a Musician and Sports / Entertainment Promoter noted that Ghana will be the first African country to experience the KVAR and it is another opportunity for Ghanaians to link up with the USA as many technicians and electricians will be trained in fixing the KVAR systems.