Global Wind Group looking at Southern African market.


Global Wind Group Inc. (GWG) has hit the ground running in 2011, which is shaping up to be our biggest and most productive year thus far. We have been growing inside and out with new staff, joint ventures, and new and improved products.
In July, we welcomed John Fjeldsted as our new CEO. John brings with him a wealth of experience stemming from his 30+ year career with Manitoba Hydro, and his work as Executive Director of the Manitoba Environmental Industries Association. GWG has been very pleased with the work John has done to further our company and strengthen ties with the Manitoba government over the last six months…

Product Update – 1kW Z?STM MPS

Over the past twelve months the Global Wind Group Inc. team has been hard at work perfecting our first product, a 1kW vertical-axis wind turbine named Z?S(TM). Included in the development of Z?S(TM) has been:

Determining the best blade shape profile to maximize torque. Countless computer simulations and a dozen real-world prototypes finally gave us the best blade shape to give a turbine with low-R.P.M. and very high torque.
  • Developing an apparatus to convert that high-torque into high generator R.P.M. – It was a fairly complicated procedure to harness all the power that our Z?S(TM) turbine was producing. We tested a number of gearing configurations and ratios to deliver the most effective and longest lasting torque conversion apparatus possible.

  • Developing the best possible mounting pole – With the 1kW advantage, GWG believes in finding an optimal balance between cost and performance. Our pole design gives the maximum height with the lowest shipping, transportation, foundation and installation costs.

Minimizing production costs to ensure GWG gives our customers the lowest installed $/kWh of any vertical-axis wind turbine on the market – Our customers demanded the best value for dollar, and we’ve delivered it. By keeping our manufacturing costs low we’ve passed the savings along to you, so your Z?S(TM) turbine is the most affordable it could possibly be.

Moving Forward in 2011..
A lot has happened in 2010 but as a forward thinking organization, GWG has a lot of plans in 2011. Some of the highlights of the upcoming 2011 plans include:
The ZuS Power Challenge
New Dealers
New Website

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