Energy Management & Carbon Emissions Reduction Conference


    Research shows that 72% of world energy is consumed by heavy industries such as mining, manufacturing, oil and gas. By implementing sustainable energy management programmes, companies in these sectors can significantly reduce their energy consumption and carbon footprint, which will make a significant impact on their bottom line.

    This conference will provide you with advice and information on how to implement energy efficiency solutions and save on your energy bills. In addition, the impact of the proposed carbon taxation scheme will be discussed along with tools and techniques for minimising your carbon emissions.

    Key topics
    Implementing Measurement and Verification (M&V) audits of energy savings according to SANS 50010
    Investing in energy efficiency projects and energy management programmes to increase profits
    Installing new lighting technology which meets your organisation’s needs and budget
    Looking at available energy efficient technologies in South Africa
    Understanding how carbon taxation will impact your organisation
    Understanding Carbon Capture, Sequestration and Storage(CCSS) and how it can benefit your organisation
    Developing a long-term carbon neutral strategy

    Benefits of attending
    Discover the latest energy management tools and strategies
    Understand available tax incentives granted for energy efficiency projects
    Evaluate the efficiency of your plant operations and maintenance processes
    Learn how to implement a sustainable environment and carbon emission reduction strategy

    Key speakers
    Henry Coopens,Technical Specialist, Energy, Emissions, GHG & Accounting, SAPPI
    Thomas Stierstofer, Manager Building Project, Facility & Energy, BMW
    William Cass, Group Energy & Climate Change Manager, First Rand
    Mokgadi Modise , Chief Director Clean Energy, Department of Energy
    Dr Tony Surridge, Head, South African Centre for Carbon Capture & Storage (SACCCS)
    Lawrence Padachi , Project Manager Energy, Eskom

    Who should attend
    Sustainability Managers
    Energy Managers
    Plant Managers/Engineers
    Electrical Engineers
    Manufacturing Managers
    Process Specialists
    Environmental Managers
    Technical Specialist: Energy
    Climate Change Managers
    Production Managers
    Systems Engineering Managers
    Facilities Managers
    Continuous Improvement Managers
    Maintenance Managers/Engineers

    Pre-Conference Workshop
    Emission reductions in context: the convergence of carbon and energy drivers in South Africa
    Led by: Alex McNamara, Principal Consultant, Camco Global

    Post-Conference Workshop
    Post-conference workshop: looking at available energy efficient technologies in South Africa
    Led by: Gys Snyman, Vice President: Energy Efficiency, Schneider Electric